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Mold Removal Process

Once you've discovered mold in your building, you'll want to begin the removal process as soon as possible. When it comes to dealing with mold, hiring a professional mold remediation company is highly recommended to make sure the project is completed as safely and as thoroughly as possible. At RestoPros of East Memphis, our team of certified mold removal specialists undergo rigorous training and always follow top industry safety standards to ensure a safe, effective mold removal project.

With our mold remediation experts, we can guarantee that all mold will be removed from your property and unable to return. Our number one priority is your safety, so we can assure you that we do our best to get your environment safe and comfortable as soon as possible. Call (Sorry, we are unavailable) to speak to a representative today!

How a Mold Removal Specialist Can Help

At RestoPros of East Memphis, our mold specialists can help you with your mold remediation needs by first discovering the source of the problem, and eliminating the moisture. We are experts at finding mold in hidden areas and discovering how the problem developed so that we can destroy any possibility of the mold coming back. Another thing we can help with is containment, meaning our team will seal all openings and cover the affected areas with plastic sheeting to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout your home. 

During the removal process, our team always comes prepared in approved personal protective gear to prevent inhalation of mold spores during removal for both our safety and yours. We are highly certified to remove all mold from your property effectively and also make sure the mold does not come back. It is our goal to salvage as much of your existing property as possible while eliminating all traces of mold from the area. 

In the final phase of mold remediation, a mold assessment specialist will ensure the air quality of the contained area meets regulation. It is only then that we can begin removing the containment materials and clean up after our work.

Removing mold from large areas of a home can be quite an extensive project if done properly, which is why it best to contact a mold removal professional. If you have a small amount of mold, it’s very important to act quickly so that you can prevent the need for a major mold removal operation.